Lying-in Period in Modern Society

cuarentena-imgI recently found an article about the lying-in period. As many of you know, I come from a strong Mexican family. In our culture, the cuarantena still exists, especially outside of major cities. This is similar to the old american tradition of lying-in. Basically, a mother is allowed a 40 day period postpartum in which she is to stay in bed with baby and focus on breastfeeding, bonding, and healing. She is neither expected to or allowed to entertain guests, clean the house, or cook. These tasks are handled by close friends and family.

Now a days, the nuclear family that existed a hundred years ago has dissolved. We live quite far from our parents, sister, aunts, etc. Because of this, we often don’t have the support structure necessary to have a lying-in period at all, let alone a 40 day long cuarantena. So can you have a lying-in period? Yes, I think so. Not only can you have it, but really you should have it. If you think of all the work your body just did to bring your baby into this world, how could you not justify giving yourself a little time to let it heal. Plus, your baby put in quite a bit of work making his or her way out as well, so he or she should have some time to rest and feel safe in your arms. Of course, it doesn’t have to be 40 days, and honestly for some of us, I’m sure 40 days might drive us completely up the wall. Maybe it’s just a week or 3-5 days. Either way, the benefits will continue well into your first few months of motherhood.  Below is the article that inspired this post. Enjoy, and have a great day mamas!